West Palm Beach dominates Palm Beach County new restaurant & brewery scene

West Palm Beach dominates Palm Beach County new restaurant & brewery scene

I just received this update from the Team at Discover the Palm Beaches. I was very excited to get updates on some of our local breweries in a booming South Florida scene.

The locations that are covered are Grandview Public MarketWest Palm Brewery and Wine VaultSteamhorse Brewing, the Hutton and Pentanque Kitchen & Bar in Northwood.

Here’s the information. The pictures are all added from the companies Facebook pages.

Recently opened last month in Downtown Delray Beach, AVANT is the latest restaurant from Society 8. Taking inspirations from the guerilla art movement of the early 1980s in New York City, AVANT will showcase original, one-of-a-kind artistic elements from South Florida artists. A globally-inspired menu featuring the freshest ingredients.

Nano-brewers Dominick Peri and Ken Gross will open Prosperity Brewers in Boca Raton this October. The one-barrel brew house will be located inside a 2,200-square-foot warehouse bay, 700 feet of which have been fashioned into a tasting room and lounge area. The duo will brew a number of styles and offer a diverse range of constantly-rotating recipes from dozen taps. The brewery’s core profiles are currently slated with an IPA, double IPA, hefeweizen, wit, English mild and saison. With more than a dozen wine already in-house, the team also plans to launch an in-house aging program.  

Opening later this Fall, Grandview Public Market (GPM), a multi-vendor food hall located within the recently developed hotspot known as the Warehouse “District” in West Palm Beach, will open its doors to the public. The repurposed mid-century warehouse, measuring 12,000 square feet, will provide a uniquely curated dining and shopping experience from a wide range of local and national purveyors. The 12 independent food purveyors are a mix of established local brands with loyal followings, and two concepts from nationally recognized New York-based hospitality company, Three Kings Restaurant Group, comprised of Bravo “Top Chef” alum Dale Talde, and his partners David Massoni and John Bush. It will be the first of its kind in South Florida.

A new food and drink-centric district is coming to West Palm Beach later this year. The Warehouse District, an eclectic urban neighborhood comprised of eight vintage-style buildings, is experiencing a transformation spearheaded by local food and beverage vendors, artists, fitness enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs. The 85,000-square-foot district is located southwest of the Palm Beach County Convention Center near Downtown West Palm Beach.  

Downtown West Palm Beach will soon have its first craft brewery, tap room and wine vault, West Palm Brewery & Wine Vault. Set to open in November of this year, the brewery will be located only one block away from the West Palm Beach Brightline station. The brewery’s owner will sell his own private label bottles of California small-batch wines exclusively at the wine vault.

West Palm Beach Brewery on Evernia St. gets their sign up

Swank Table Events will return this November with a new Weekend Dinner and Sunday Brunch from Nov. 26, 2017 through May 13, 2018. This unique series of al fresco Sunday Brunches, as well as Saturday and Sunday night dinners, take place on Swank Specialty Produce’s farm. Each dinner is specially curated with local and nationally known chefs who create several-course meals (five-course for Saturday dinners and seven-course for Sunday dinners) for the attendees, at one set cost. Each dinner will also benefit a local charity. Brunch is a more casual, family-friendly, and affordable experience. Attendees to all events can also enjoy live entertainment from local bands and craft beverages from local brewers.

In November, award-winning restaurateurs Burt Rapoport and Dennis Max will come together once again to resurrect Prezzo. Alongside them will be James Beard Award-winning chef, Mark Militello, who will lead the kitchen as executive chef. A fixture in the 90s in Boca Raton, Aventura and South Miami, Prezzo brings back fond memories for area residents who remember the restaurant and its approachable Italian cuisine. Prezzo will be owned and operated by Rapoport’s Restaurant Group, and will be located in Boca Raton’s Park Plaza.

In January 2018, highly-anticipated restaurant and private club 1000 NORTH will open. The development is the collaboration of some of the biggest names in sports, top wine experts, and the region’s leading developers. Investors include Michael Jordan, Ernie Els, and Rickie Fowler, just to name a few. 1000 NORTH will offer modern, American regional cuisine with impeccable service. The first floor of the 340-seat restaurant will have an indoor and outdoor bar, and will be open to the public, while the 1,500 square-foot second floor will be dedicated to members and their guests only. The second floor will have a 450-square-foot outdoor patio for food and beverages. Membership for the upper level club will cost $2500 a year, and there will be a limit of approximately 250 members.

Due South Brewing Company is expanding its taproom, which will nearly double in size for a total of 27,000 square feet. The added space will allow for 4,800 square feet of air-conditioned tap room space, and be able to provide more than 40 taps of on-site brewed craft beer. The completion of the expansion is scheduled for January 2018.

Construction of Steamhorse Brewing at the West Palm Beach Warehouse District

The creators behind Tequesta Brewing Company and Twisted Trunk are expanding once again – this time with Steam Horse BrewingPlans are set to open the 6,000-square-foot brewery and tasting room in West Palm Beach’ new Warehouse District next summer.  

Damn Good Beer Bus opened in April 2017. This unique mode of transportation brings you and your friends to public and private brewery tours at several of the destination’s most popular local breweries, including Barrel of Monks, Saltwater Brewery, NOBO Brewing Company, and many more.       

NOBO Brewing Companywhich opened in March, is the third brewery on tap in Boynton Beach’s NOBO (North Boynton Beach) District. Led by two brothers, the five-barrel brewery has a neighborhood approach, serving “small batch local handcrafted beer.”   

Offering guests healthy meals ordered via touch-screen kiosk, the first of many fast-casual health-focused localgreens has recently opened to the public in Delray Beach. A concept developed by Restaurateur Dave Magrogan, Chef Josh short and Chef Adam Gottlieb of the Dave Magrogan Restaurant Group, localgreens features a tech-forward ordering system that combines the convenience of fast food with the nutritional benefits of fresh local ingredients, bringing health-minded consumers a new affordable fast-casual lunch and dinner destination.

Northwood Village, a hidden jewel in West Palm Beach that offers residents and visitors a unique hub for art and culture, is now home to a plethora of new businesses, including the following: casual seafood restaurant Hutton, bakery and coffee house RETRO XVI, Leo’s Crab Shack, luxury boutique salon The Parlour Nolita, home décor boutique store Cate & Co. Home Boutique, inspired home store Row House, and the soon-to-open Petanque Kitchen & Bar.

Friends enjoying the Hutton in Northwood

5 Things you should know about Flagler Shore

5 Things you should know about Flagler Shore

There is a new traffic pattern on Flagler. The eastern lanes of Flagler Drive (between Banyan and Lakeview) are closed and the western lanes have been converted to one lane in each direction. This is part of a temporary project that the City is calling “Flagler Shore”. You can get more information in my previous blog entry on the topic.

Note: The City wanted to restripe the lanes BEFORE the Green Market / Grand Opening, but because of the rain they were not able to do this in time. So we still have the cones, and they make Flagler look like a construction site, but they will be gone soon.

The fact that we are temporarily changing Flagler Drive from four lanes to two has caused a substantial amount of hand-wringing on the internet. What will the effects of these changes be? So after work on Friday, I went down to the waterfront to see how everything works out for myself.

Here are some things I discovered.

1. Flagler Drive isn’t getting congested

The obvious first concern that everyone had was that with fewer travel lanes, traffic will get “congested”. This is a concern, so from my “crows nest” vantage point I filmed the traffic at two different points during the day.

Watch these two videos on how traffic now flows down Flagler Drive. These are sped up 10x so you don’t have to spend the next hour watching traffic.

Flagler Drive from 3 pm to 3:30 pm on Friday

Flagler Drive from 5 pm to 5:30 pm on Friday

This isn’t a “scientific” experiment, but it does show that

2. Flagler Drive is safer because it’s slower

The posted speed limit on Flagler is 25 mph. With the 4-lane configuration, my estimation is that cars were driving an average of 35 or faster. In fact, I tried to drive the speed limit on Flagler and it was close to ridiculous; cars were breaking behind me, passing abruptly.

With on-coming traffic, drivers are more aware of their speed and will naturally slow down.

3. Pedestrians can safely cross Flagler Drive

As a driver, I find it very difficult to stop and let a pedestrian cross on a 4-lane road. The reason is that cars in both lanes have to decide to stop for the pedestrian and let them through to the median. From my experience, this never happens. One car may stop, and the other one blows through the crosswalk, creating a dangerous situation for the person trying to cross the street. Especially if the cars are going 35 mph.

As a pedestrian, I would rather wait until there were no cars on the road and cross the road safely as opposed to expecting two lanes of car traffic to stop for me.

Now there are only two lanes to cross, one in each direction, and cars are traveling slower than 25 mph. Crossing the street is much easier for both pedestrians and drivers.

4. Just because Flagler Drive is slower doesn’t mean your commute will take longer.

This is a big one. All three traffic lights along Flagler Shore are flashing yellow, this means that once you’re on Flagler Drive you won’t be stopped by a traffic light until you reach the Banyan light.

Now let’s work the numbers. The stretch of road that is .6 miles from Banyan to Lakeview. So

  • 35 mph it should take you just over a minute.
  • 25 mph it should take you a minute and 24 seconds.
  • 20 mph an hour it should take you a minute and 48 seconds.

If you are going 35 mph and you hit a traffic light, that will bring your minute travel time to 1:30 which would be the same speed as if you are traveling 25 mph without traffic lights.

Even if the traffic is moving at half the speed, you will still only add a minute or two max to your commute.

5. More space on Flager gives us the opportunity to do more

Being on Flagler Shore it’s pretty clear that this project is not done to give more space to the people who already enjoy the waterfront. Even without the Flagler Shore lane changes the waterfront has a lot of space for walking and biking.

The Flagler Shore project gives us the opportunity to rethink how we’re allocating the space on our waterfront.

Do we need to allocate so much space for asphalt roads? Or can we reclaim some of that space to do new fun things on the waterfront?

I know the city has a long list of events that they want to bring to the Flagler Shore, so watch this space and keep an open mind. Good things are ahead.

City to repurpose two lanes of Flagler Dr. on the Waterfront to Pedestrian & Public Use

City to repurpose two lanes of Flagler Dr. on the Waterfront to Pedestrian & Public Use

Exciting news coming out of the City of West Palm Beach – for 5 months from October 7th till March 18th 2018, the City will be transforming the two east lanes of Flagler Drive from Lake Avenue to Banyan Boulevard (.6 miles) to expand the waterfront public space for pedestrians, bicyclists, and merchants, as well as allow for additional programming.

Called “Flagler Shore: From Pavement to People,” the project will repurpose two lanes on Flagler Drive from Lake Avenue to Banyan Boulevard (.6 miles) to expand the waterfront public space for pedestrians, bicyclists, and merchants, as well as allow for additional programming. Flagler Drive will be reduced from four lanes to two lanes (keeping both southbound and northbound traffic flow) for the duration of the five-month project that will begin on Saturday, October 7, 2017 during the season opening of the West Palm Beach GreenMarket and run through March 1, 2018. Flagler Shore continues the effort to make the West Palm Beach waterfront an active and vibrant public space and takes into account the findings of recent studies by the Gehl Institute, the Shore to Core design contest with the Van Alen Institute, and the walkability study by Jeff Speck.

Downtowners working with Jeff Speck on the 2014 walkability plan

The project will provide 63,000 sq. ft. of newly claimed public space along the West Palm Beach waterfront that will be repurposed in a variety of ways to be more actively used on a daily basis. The new design will feature colorful seating including benches, bistro tables and chairs that can be easily moved for those seeking a shaded area. The expanded area also will allow residents and visitors to enjoy new and fluid programming along the waterfront including street performers, new street vendors and more public art.

“West Palm Beach residents spoke about their desire for more public space along the waterfront, and we listened,” said West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio. “Flagler Shore is an exciting and creative initiative that will open up the waterfront for everyone to enjoy and improve the quality of life in West Palm Beach. We are so happy to be able to launch this project that gives space back to the public.”

Bill Bone leading a bike ride through the temporary bike lanes on Flagler Drive

“This is a great first step in implementing what the experts have recommended for our downtown and waterfront areas and improving public life in this area of critical importance for the City,” said Chris Roog, West Palm Beach Director of Economic Development. “We are looking forward to executing the new design and assessing what works for our City, residents and merchants, while continuing to create a dynamic waterfront.”

Intersections along Flagler Drive will include large decorative potted planters with safety measures to redirect traffic and directional signs.

Art painted on a shipping container to block the east lanes of Flager Dr. from car traffic

After the City launches the new Flagler Shore waterfront space, data will be collected to evaluate key points of the design including number of pedestrians, bicyclists and cars; to understand where seating is moved throughout the day; and to assess how the expanded space is used during events. The project will allow the City to examine the viability of expert recommendations along with alternative designs to the waterfront without spending millions of dollars, all while providing important information that will ultimately help determine any permanent redesign of the waterfront in the future.

To find out more about the city’s Flagler Shore project, to find the latest updates and activities, or to submit questions/comments, please call (561) 822-2222 or visit www.wpb.org/flaglershore.

Ilya Tatarov on Respectable Street Cafe 30th Anniversary

Ilya Tatarov on Respectable Street Cafe 30th Anniversary

Saturday is Respectable Street Cafe’s 30th Anniversary! And it’s going to be a BIG party on the 500 block of Clematis Street. The event will start with OPEN BAR from 8pm – 9pm and FREE PIZZA.

Here is the band lineup on the 5 stages.

Main Stage
Private School 8:15 – The Pauses 9 – Everymen 9:45 – Astari Nite 10:30 – She Wants Revenge 11:30

Inside RSC
Anastasia Max 8 Grumps 8:45 – Lindsay Mills 9:30 – Ace Skully 10:15 – Lavola 11 – Million Young 11:45 – Dead and Loving it 12:30

RSC Patio
Skoros 8:15 – Shadow Reborn 9 – Yung Tarzan 9:45 – The Muggles 10:30 – Church Girls 11:15 – Old Habits 12

Symbols 8:15 – Boxwood 9 – Herns 9:45 – Backpage Escort 10:30 – Dunudes 11:15 – Milkspot 12

Narvee 8:15 – Takers and Leavers 9 – Static Momentum 9:45 – Sada 10:30 – Octo Gato 11:15 – The Watercolors 12

Get more info at the event page

There are few people who know the club scene as well as the one and only Ilya Tatarov – He posted this message on his facebook page, so with permission I’m posting it here as well for all of our benefit.

Yes – I know that I post a lot about Sub Culture Group and all of the happenings in the company! Most are simple awareness posts that are meant to help my friends decide where to spend their evening for dinner or cocktails. This one however, is much more then that…this is a landmark and a monument. A salute to an institution.

When I was much younger, I started my career in fashion, I was slightly in love with what I did – that love didn’t feel too real- it was more of a hobby ( probably due to lack to anything cool in fashion in our wonderful world of South Florida)…at the same time, about 15 years ago, I met Rodney and got exposed to Respectables Street. From there on my life started slowly changing. I kept a close eye on Rodney’s projects and was a frequent guest at Dada/ Lounge / RSC / Delux, I slowly decided to transition my career into the hospitality industry, dreaming of a day that I would be able to work for him.


I did my time as a promoter, as a event photographer, as a light guy, as a DJ, as a manager, as a door guy, and all the other little positions in between… Respectables was my beginning and an influence.

Point of this post is that if it would not be for Respectables, I would be a much different person, and I would not have the passion that I have now for my line of work, I wouldn’t have the wonderful friends that I have now, and would not have such big goals for my future.

I of course would like to see all of my friends at Camelot this Saturday, however, before doing so – please join Sub Culture Family for the festivities for the 30th Birthday of an institution that truly made Clematis Street into what it is now. An institution that hosted so many incredible concerts for bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Death Cab For Cutie. An institution that build a following of us rejects and us cool kids alike who are and always will be against the mainstream. An institution that brought people together, created friendships and even marriages. An institution that brought punks / goths/ scene kids/ emo kids/ preps/ hipsters/ and all the in between into a bond. An institution that crossed all boundaries for 3 decades.



I can not be more proud to be a part of such an amazing group. If you actually read this whole thing, then BRAVO! See you Saturday.

A much younger Aaron Wormus and Ilya Tatarov enjoying Clematis Street


Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Offers Accommodations To Locals Affected by #HurricaneIrma

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Offers Accommodations To Locals Affected by #HurricaneIrma

Free Hot Meals Being Offered To First Responders Free

The Port of Palm Beach was cleared on Wednesday, September 13 by USCG for Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s MV Grand Celebration to return. The cruise line is expected to resume normal cruise operations with the 2-night Bahamas cruise of Saturday, September 16.

Due to the number of situations people are dealing with in our local communities, Bahamas Paradise has decided to keep the ship docked through Saturday morning in the Port of Palm Beach. For Thursday and Friday, the cruise line is opening its doors to those individuals and families who have experienced hardship as a result of the storm, including damage to their homes and a loss of power.

The ship will offer cabin accommodations, meals and on-board services.

“As we all work through issues related to the storm, we wanted to offer our ship to local residents for some relief in this time of need now that we’re able to return to port,” said Oneil Khosa, CEO of the cruise line. “We very much feel part of the community and want to lend a hand.”

The cruise line will charge a modest all-in fee of $39 a person per night for onboard accommodations and all meals. First responders are being offered free hot meals at no cost. Anyone interested in taking advantage of the overnight stay program should call 800-611-4242 to reserve a cabin or stop by the cruise terminal check-in desks in the Port of Palm Beach.

The local Restaurants and Hotels that are open after Hurricane Irma

The local Restaurants and Hotels that are open after Hurricane Irma

Good News: Most of our favorite restaurants and bars on Clematis Street are OPEN!

Here are the only ones I noticed were closed.

  • Sushiyama is closed
  • Hullabaloo is closed
  • Kapow is closed

We went out last night and even through Rocco’s Tacos. They were serving a limited menu, just the tacos, and had run out of Guacamole, but despite that, the party was on and the place was packed. People were looking to get out of the house and enjoy an evening on Clematis and Rocco and his team went out of their way to feed people until the curfew shut them down.

Tonight the curfew is moved till 10 so you’ve got plenty of time to get your dinner and drinks in.

For lunch, I hit up Field of Greens who thanks to not having lost power through the storm was able to get up and running quickly.

In CityPlace I have confirmation that Brio in CityPlace will be open until 8pm today with a limited menu.

Hotels that are open:

Residence Inn Downtown West Palm Beach


West Palm Beach Hilton


Embassy Suites West Palm Beach


Homewood Suites by Hilton West Palm Beach


SpringHill Suites by Marriott West Palm Beach


Hyatt Place West Palm Beach Downtown


Red Roof Inn Plus + West Palm Beach


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