Hello Sunshine sculptures say “Hello” to visitors of West Palm Beach

Hello Sunshine sculptures say “Hello” to visitors of West Palm Beach

Have you driven by Phipps Park recently? You can’t help but notice the large sculpture that is under construction?

It is part of the “Hello Sunshine” installation which was selected by West Palm Beach’s Art In Public Places through a competitive process. The total cost of the 5 pieces of art is $256,000. Read this document for all the details of the project.

Here’s how the artist explains it:

Meet “Hello Sunshine” – Hello Sunshine is the geometrical representation of the sunrise that is sectioned into five clusters of sunrays. Each cluster is unique and together they form the whole sunrise, but just like the notion of union, one cannot see the whole picture at once. You have to experience each part individually, in order to appreciate the whole thing. We want to give people the opportunity to go out and experience all five districts and see the whole picture that makes up West Palm Beach.

Each of the individual pieces
The big picture!

Here are the renderings and locations for each of the sculptures.

Each sculpture will have specific characteristics based on where it is located. District 1 (Australian & 45th St) and District 5 (Phipps Park) will be unique in that they will include features which will allow people to interact with the sculpture through a bench that is incorporated into the design.

District 3 at Okeechobee and Rosemary will be the tallest sculpture towering at 16ft.

In defense of the S. Flagler Two-Way Cycle Track

In defense of the S. Flagler Two-Way Cycle Track

Note: I have been following the South Flagler Drive two-way Cycle Track process since the very beginning, so I though it fair to record these events as I experienced them. These views are my own and do not represent anyone else. Any errors are mine.

Everyone knows that I spend all my time on Clematis Street. A less known fact is that I spend the all rest of my time at home in the South End of West Palm Beach.

I love South Flagler Drive. Having this beautiful stretch of public space that runs through (almost) the entire length of the city is truly unique to South Florida.

You’ll see me walking Jackson (my Golden Retriever) in the evenings, running (OK, walking) at sunrise, biking on the weekends, and driving to work on Flagler.

As you walk down Flagler you can’t go a couple blocks without a running into neighbor you need to catch up with, watching a fisherman catch a fish, or seeing a couple manatees swim by. It is fantastic, and my second favorite street (after Clematis, of course).

As much as I love Flagler Dr. there are a couple problems I see with it.

  1. Condition of the road is terrible
  2. Cars drive way too fast
  3. With fisherman & people walking dogs cycling on the existing trail can be challenging. There are traditional bike lanes on the road but because of items 1 & 2 most casual cyclists bike on the trail.

A Bicycle Master Plan for West Palm Beach

Around May of 2018 under Mayor Jeri Muoio the City of West Palm Beach adopted the West Palm Beach Bicycle Master Plan which laid out a plan for a connected bicycle network throughout the City.

The purpose of this master plan is to guide the creation of an efficient network of connected and convenient bicycle facilities for the City of West Palm Beach. This system will also:

  • Enhance connectivity and safety
  • Be inclusive of diverse users
    • Pedestrians
    • Bicyclists
    • Older adults
    • Children
    • Persons with disabilities
  • Address health concerns by providing wider options for active transportation
  • Aid in economic development

Read the full document here.

A key component of the plan was to create 18.1 miles of “Separated Bike Lanes”. A majority of these ran from north to south creating a dedicated bicycle trail along the entire length of Flagler Drive.

Each section of the bike path had it’s own design, here was the original proposed design form Southern Blvd to Summa Street.

A two-way separated cycle path

The two-way cycle path that was proposed will be a first in West Palm Beach, but has been implemented in other cities. The City adhered to the Federal Highway Administration guidelines for designing the bike lanes.

The following is from a section describing “Two-Way Separated Bike Lane on Right-Side of Two-Way Street” from the Federal Highway Administration’s Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide. The emphasis is mine.

“Providing a two-way separated bike lane on a two-way street may be desirable under certain circumstances such as minimizing conflicts on high frequency transit corridors or along corridors with a higher number of intersections or driveways on one side of the street (such as along a waterfront).”

Graphic depicts running two-way separated bike lane on right-side of three-lane, two-way street. 12 feet preferred lane width, example painted buffer with delineator posts shown at 15 foot recommended spacing.

One of the key benefits that I immediately saw was the removal of the south-bound bike lane that crosses the hundreds of driveways of the homes on Flagler. As someone who bikes down Flagler regularly, I avoid the south-bound bike lane for this very reason. A separated bike path on the East side of the street would remove this completely.

According to the City narrowing traffic lanes are the quickest way to slow down traffic. Providing a safe protected South Flagler Drive Cycle Track accomplishes 2 goals at the same time.

Having said that, going from the existing 10.5ft traffic lanes to 9ft traffic lanes was a bit much. Anyone who has gone down Forest Hill knows that 9ft lanes are VERY TIGHT.

Meetings Neighbors and the City

In January of 2019 the South End Neighborhood Association contacted the city because of a concern regarding the use of “Armadillos” as a divider between traffic and the bike lane.

The City came to the SENA meeting and discussed the project with the neighbors, showed the various options and decided to go with the more desirable (and expensive) concrete curbs.

First meeting discussing the material for the divider (none of the above were chosen)
First meeting discussing the material for the divider (none of the above were chosen)
Second meeting with engineering where members asked questions.
Second meeting with engineering where members asked questions.
Third meeting was with Connect WPB where close ups of the plans were discussed
Third meeting was with Connect WPB where close ups of the plans were discussed

Each of the meetings with City Staff were announced by SENA to their members, and staff took time to answer questions. In each meeting there were some concerns voiced by residents but the consensus was generally positive.

During this time the City met individually with Flagler Drive residents and decided to have a “Pedal Party” on Flagler Drive. The plan was to add the bike lanes to a section of Flagler Drive so that neighbors could experience the South Flagler Drive Cycle Track first hand.

The City's flyer on the Flagler Drive Pedal Party
The City’s flyer on the Flagler Drive Pedal Party

We had about two-dozen neighbors show up to the cycle party which unfortunately ended about 45 minutes after it started with torrential downpour.

One of the things that was determined from our very short cycle party was that the 9ft travel lanes were too narrow for Flagler Drive. This information was brought to the city by Commissioner Lambert, and the City went back to engineering and came back with a design that would give us 10ft traffic lanes.

For comparison:

  • Flagler Dr. Proposed: 10ft lanes
  • Flagler Dr. Existing: 10.5ft lanes
  • Forrest Hill Blvd between 95 & Dixie: 9ft lanes
  • Rosemary Ave between Fern and Clematis (a trolley route for 15 years): 9ft lanes
  • S. Olive Ave: 9.5ft lanes
New design updated after the Pedal Party with 10ft traffic lanes.
New design updated after the Pedal Party with 10ft traffic lanes.

There were many people who were not satisfied with the level of engagement the City had with the neighborhood. Of course, there is always the opportunity to do more, but personally I have never seen an city project that had more public engagement than this one. In a poll by sent out by SENA 80% of respondents said that they had heard about the bike lane project.

Based on the community input the City agreed to:

  • Add several speed tables to further slow the traffic.
  • The original proposal called for recycled plastic “armadillos” to protect the bike lanes. The city agreed to use more expensive but better looking “concrete curbs”.
  • Keep the addition of signs to a minimum.
  • Change Travel lanes from 9ft to 10ft (a difference of 6 inches from the current design)

The City did not agree to:

  • Add Bulb-outs, round-abouts or other traffic-calming devices (too expensive for the project)
  • Moving the cycle path away from the road and within the existing swale (would require large and expensive engineering effort)

Transportation Engineer Uyen Deng said to the Commission meeting, with an unlimited budget more options could be made available. Staff is working with the budget that they had for this project.

It should be noted that the majority of the money in this project is going for the much needed repaving of Flagler. The ONLY cost for the bike lanes is the minimal expense of the concrete curb separators. As far as I understand this extra money is coming from a grant which cannot be used for any other purposes.

Pushback from neighboring residents

In the final days before the commission would vote on this project strong pushback came from many of the neighboring residents via a poll an subsequent email campaigns targeting commissioners who would have to vote to approve this change.

While I respect the neighbors opinions, I hope this article gives more insight into all the work and communication that has gone into this project over the last year.

Furthermore, I hope it clears up some of the misinformation and concerns that I have heard.

  1. Flagler Drive is getting paved as part of this project.
  2. With the reconfiguration each travel lane will end up only 6 inches narrower that the current configuration.
  3. A two-way cyclepath on the right side of a two-way street is safe and in compliance with Federal Highway Administration Guidelines.
  4. The additional traffic calming will make it even safer for cyclists than it is now.
  5. Consolidating the bicycle lanes on one side of the street is not an expensive or wasteful project.

In Conclusion

And finally, to the City Commissioners who will need to continue to approve the bike lane projects as the Bicycle Master Plan is implemented. Either this City Commission believes in the Bicycle Master Plan and the value of having Complete Streets and a connected cycle network or it doesn’t.

Our bicycle network may not be used by every resident of the city, or every neighbor on the street where a bicycle path exists, but it does provide safe method of transportation for the many residents of this city who cannot afford any other method of transportation to and from their jobs.

Please do your job equitably. As part of implementing the Bicycle Master Plan the city has already made much harder decisions than the one we’re facing now.

I personally believe that the South Flagler Drive Cycle Track will be a net-gain for both the neighborhood and the City. We’ll get a slower road. Additional amenities for cyclists, more space to walk dogs and go fishing on the seawall. Being recognized as part of a national cycling trail all for the cost of narrowing travel lanes 6 inches and whatever the concrete curbs cost. It’s a no-brainer.

P.S. Yes, I did go out and measure the travel lanes – 10.5 ft… this whole discussion is about 6 inches of each travel lane!


7 Ways you can help Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

7 Ways you can help Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

After what has been a catastrophic Hurricane Dorian for the Bahamas many Floridians are wondering what they can do to help.

The Association of Bahamas Marinas warned individuals against trying to take their boats to the Bahamas. Instead they encouraged “funneling as much of the relief effort through the Bahamas Red Cross Society as possible.

West Palm Beach has many organizations who are gathering supplies and working with their counterparts in The Bahamas to deliver them to those in need.

Different organizations are requesting different supplies at different times, so make sure you read all the options to determine where to donate.

If you have extra supplies please consider donating them or you can purchase specific items from your local grocery store or Target. There are also opportunities to donate cash via gofundme‘s or Facebook donations.

1. West Palm Beach Police Department

The West Palm Beach Police Department has several officers who have volunteered to deliver Hurricane Relief to the Bahamas. Tomorrow, they will collect the items listed below from anyone wishing to donate them.

Donations will be accepted between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, September 4th, 2019, at the West Palm Beach Police Department, 600 Banyan Blvd., West Palm Beach, Florida 33401.

*Although it is appreciated we are unable to accept clothing.

Only the following new items will be accepted:
Water, Water Filtration Devices, Canned goods, Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s), Hygiene Kits, First Aid Kits, Wet Wipes, Large Plastic Trash Bags, Mosquito repellent, Non-perishable dry goods, Towels, Gloves, Blankets, Chain Saws, Generators, Portable Stoves, Butane Canisters, Air Mattresses, Diapers, Baby wipes, Baby juice, Baby food, Baby formula, Cereal
Lysol, Disinfectant, Flashlights

2. Donate to Eagles’ Wings Foundation

Following the catastrophic destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian over Labor Day weekend. West Palm Beach-based Eagles’ Wings Foundation (EWF) has assembled a fleet of 40 planes and pilots, two heavy-lift rescue helicopters and a cargo plane to transport essential supplies and medical aid to the people of The Bahamas. Trained emergency response crews from the Eagles’ Wings team will begin assisting with on-the-ground rescue and recovery efforts likely beginning Thursday morning. A donation drive is also being launched with drop-off beginning Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m.

Donations now needed for the Dorian relief effort include: tarps, nails, hammers, wrenches, batteries, battery operated lights, solar lights, camp stoves, butane cans, small BBQ grills, Tylenol and Advil, bandages, antibiotic ointment, bleach, mosquito nets and spray, towels, sheets, blankets, air mattresses and pumps, toilet paper, tissues and hygiene products. Donations from the public are also being accepted at Pistache French Bistro, PB Catch, The Regional, and Rocco’s Tacos. Bulk donations are also being accepted Lewis’ West Palm Beach warehouse. Monetary donations can be made by visiting www.ewrelief.org. 

Donations are being accepted seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. beginning Wednesday, September 4 at 514 E. 14th Street, West Palm Beach, 33401. This site will be accepting both individual donations as well as bulk donations brought in by tractor trailers and trucks. Monetary donations can be made by visiting www.ewfrelief.org

3. Donate to World Central Kitchen

Via the Palm Beach Post: A culinary team from chef/humanitarian Jose Andres’ disaster relief effort has landed in West Palm to help feed first responders and storm victims.

In a matter of hours Monday, Chef Lindsay Autry’s Southern restaurant in West Palm Beach was transformed into the local headquarters for humanitarian chef José Andrés’ disaster relief team.

The kitchen, dining room and bar at The Regional Kitchen is now a staging area for Andrés’ World Central Kitchen team, primed to serve first responders and storm victims in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

4. Phipps Baseball Park Relief Drive

Phipps Baseball Park is spearheading an effort in conjunction with Grand Bahama Baseball to provide relief.

4301 S. Dixie Hwy
West Palm Beach, Fl
Consession Stands
After 9/15: Weeknights 6pm – 8:30pm
Contact: Brad Cubbage 561 715 5822

5. South Florida Science Center

Please consider purchasing the following supplies to help our friends in the Bahamas. You may drop these items off at the South Florida Science Center located at 4801 Dreher Trail, West Palm Beach FL 33405 starting SEPTEMBER 4th from 9am to 5pm. Currently, the list of supplies is as follows:

What is needed:
Generators (Please with no fuel in the tanks), Empty 5-gallon gas tanks, Extension cords, Chainsaws, Tarps (new and folded neatly), Portable fans, Tents, Batteries, Flashlights, Lanterns, Diapers, Toilet paper, Toiletries, Dog food, Water, drinks, and non-perishable food, Water purification tablets, Rubber gloves

Supplies received will be taken by boat to Grand Bahama and Abacos or lantana airport to be delivered by aircraft to the most heavily impacted areas.

6. O’Shea’s Relief Drive

O’Shea’s Pub was one of the last places to close and first places to open after the storm. They are dedicated to helping gathering supplies for the Bahamas.

You can drop supplies off at the following locations.

7. Palm Beach Outlets Supply Drive

Palm Beach Outlets will plan to reopen on Wednesday, September 4 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. following Hurricane Dorian.

Nordstrom Rack at Palm Beach Outlets is open September 3, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Outlets will also host a Bahamas Relief Supplies Drive starting on Wednesday, September 4 at 10 a.m. Visitors are encouraged to drop off much-needed supplies at the Customer Service desk located inside the Food Pavilion.

The following supplies are needed:
First Aid kits, Cleaning supplies, Canned goods, Box fans, Flashlights, Leather work gloves, Hand sanitizer, Non-perishable food, Water, Tarps, Tents, Toiletries, Diapers, Wipes (adults and babies)

For more information, visit PalmBeachOutlets.com or call (561) 515-4400. Palm Beach Outlets is located at 1751 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., West Palm Beach.

A walk through Downtown West Palm Beach

A walk through Downtown West Palm Beach

“Thank you very much for riding the Brightline,” the voice says over the train loudspeakers, “have a carefree, car free day.”

West Palm Beach “Philosophers” Arriving at West Palm Beach Brightline Station

Welcome to Downtown West Palm Beach! I am sure that your trip was comfortable. I’ll be your guide this afternoon as we get you settled and ready for a long weekend in West Palm Beach.

I’ve got you a room at Hilton West Palm Beach. It’s an 11 minute walk from the train station which takes us through the brand new Rosemary Square, so let’s start walking.

As we turn onto Rosemary Ave, we marvel at the 24 story luxury “The Parkline” apartment building which is built directly adjacent to the Brightline station on the corner of Evernia Street and Rosemary Ave.

The Parkline is built for people who want to “Live on the Line” and leases come with complimentary one-year passes to the Brightline. Imaging living in West Palm Beach and having an 80 minute luxury train commute to downtown Miami. Imagine never to have to deal with traffic on I-95 again!

The amenities are second to none: Pool deck with grill area, fire tables and open air yoga area; fitness area, with separate yoga / spin room; for our furry friends there is the “Bark-line”, a covered dog park complete with washing stations.

The best views in town are from the top of the Parkline

I would take you up to look at the best views in town: the Atlantic Ocean to the East, and Clearlake to the West. But we’ve got to keep moving or we’ll never get you to your hotel.

Rosemary Ave goes through the heart of Rosemary Square, which was formerly known as CityPlace. the vibrant eat/work/play environment in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach.

Annual Art Show on Rosemary Ave brings thousands of locals to stroll through Rosemary Square – Hilton West Palm Beach in the background

Along Rosemary Ave we pass national branded stores such as H&M, Francesca’s, Tommy Bahama, Anthropologie, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, as well as various smaller boutiques.

The dining options include Brio Tuscan Grill, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, City Cellar Wine Bar and Grill. There are many other restaurants and stores to choose from, including a regular mix of “pop-up” stores and restaurants.

Enjoying a drink at the Holiday Themed: Miracle on Rosemary popup bar

Pro tip: Try out The Regional Kitchen and Public House if you get a chance. It is a farm-to-table kitchen, bar and art gallery. The exquisite menu is prepared by Chef Lindsay Autry, a finalist on the ninth season of “Top Chef” as well as a James Beard Foundation nominee for “Best Chef: South”. A rotating collection of local art adorns the walls,so stop in during one of the opening receptions and you’ll be able to meet the artists while sipping your favorite hand-crafted cocktail.

Rosemary Square’s namesake is the expansive square which is the center of activity. Modeled after a European city square, you can get your dinner at the iconic IL Bellagio Italian Restaurant, then sit out on the square and enjoy events that take place in the square such as live music, yoga, and art shows. In the winter, snow will fall from the Palm trees and a train runs for the little ones to ride through the square. In the Summer you’ll find children cooling off while playing in the fountain. It is truly a magical place.

Live art in the Square – in the shadow of the historic Harriet Himmel Theatre

Note: Rosemary Square is currently under some heavy construction, so things may not be exactly as described in this article. Once the dust settles it’ll be better than ever.

For entertainment we find AMC Movie Theatres and Palm Beach Improv which hosts world class comedians each weekend.

As we’re leaving Rosemary Square I point out the Kravis Center, one of the premier performing arts centers in the Southeast. This cultural gem hosts world-class plays, musicals, and concerts in its 2,195-seat Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. Concert Hall.

Cross over Okeechobee Blvd, you can’t miss noticing Restoration Hardware. This commanding four-level mansion sits in the median of one of West Palm Beach’s most highly trafficked streets. It provides an 80,000 sqft gallery showcasing Restoration Hardware interiors. Make sure you walk around the back as the entire backside of the building is covered in a hieroglyphic mural by L.A. artist RETNA.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware’s rooftop bar provides a stunning Westerly view of West Palm Beach. With a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee in you hand, you can enjoy one of the best places to watch a sunset in West Palm Beach.

Okay, here we are at the hotel. I’ll have a drink at the Galley while you guys check in. Whenever you’re ready we’ll make our way over to Clematis by Night.

West Palm Beach Hilton is one of the gems of West Palm Beach. Built to support the Palm Beach County Convention Center next door, In the three years since its opening it has grown into a gathering place for locals as well. The Galley is the hotel bar with craft cocktails and a full menu.

On Saturday morning the resort-style pool is the place to be. The party starts at 9am with Poolside Pilates, and Vinyasa Yoga starts at 10. From 11am to 2pm you can get bottomless sangria, mimosas and Bloody Marys for $25. Brunch is served at 11:30. There are no reservations needed, and no cover charge. Just come down from your hotel room, or stroll in from your home in Downtown West Palm Beach, and enjoy. It’s the best “staycation” in town.

Did I mention there was live music at the Hilton West Palm Beach poolside brunch?

Are you ready to head out to Clematis Street? I’ve called “The Circuit”, our free electric shuttle, which will drive us along the waterfront Flagler Drive, and drop us off at Clematis by Night. The ride is only 10 minutes, and it’s the easiest way to zip around downtown. The ride is free, but let’s not forget to tip the driver.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Clematis by Night is the “Weekly Happy Hour on the West Palm Beach Waterfront” and it’s the place to be every Thursday night. There are many bands that play Clematis by Night. We’ve got reggae, classic rock, soul, country, indie music, and many more. Whatever the music is tonight, you know that people are going to be be dancing

Band playing Clematis by Night
Locals enjoying the music at Clematis by Night

There is so much more to do in downtown West Palm Beach. We can explore Clematis Street, our main street, which is bustling with a hip mix of restaurants, bars, night clubs & street art. We can hit up our winter waterfront Green Market, where among the thousands of local regulars you are likely to find Dr. Oz and Martha Stewart wandering around looking for fresh produce. We can walk the “Ale Trail of the Palm Beaches”, the Downtown West Palm Beach component is a 3.5-mile walk that takes you through Antique Row and the Warehouse District to visit four different breweries.

A cool breeze is coming off the water, it’s the perfect evening. The breeze brings the smell of BBQ being cooked up by one of the many vendors catering the event. The City has a small bar set up, so let’s enjoy a beer or glass of wine as we sway to the music and make new friends.

We’ll continue exploring tomorrow.

4 Bands you Don’t Want to Miss at SunFest 2019!

4 Bands you Don’t Want to Miss at SunFest 2019!

SunFest 2019 is officially 10 days away. There are some big bands coming to town, but my favorite things to do is keep my eyes on the smaller acts. This is how you can watch the big bands of tomorrow… today!

1. Lochness Monster

Thursday 5:15pm – 6:00pm on the Tire Kingdom Stage
Lochness Monster is a Miami-based band that creates a melodic and unique blend of rock music. With an eclectic style and diverse musical tastes, Bruce Donaldson (Singer), Justin Shaner (Guitar), Brad Eavenson (Bass), and Rene Rivera (Drums) incorporate elements of rock, shoegaze, punk, and alternative metal.  Each member drives a certain pairing of uniqueness to round out their sound beginning with Shaner’sdynamic and distinctive guitar melodies, Donaldson’s classically trained vocal range exceeding 4 octaves, Rivera’s drumming precision and powerful stance behind the kit, and Eavenson’s rock and blue’s styling on the bass.

Watch Lochness Monster “Calling Out”  is the first single, released January 11th, 2019, off the upcoming Lochness Monster – EP.

2. Citizen Badger

Sunday, 4:30pm – 5:15pm on the JetBlue Stage
Citizen Badger was the winner of the SunFest Battle of the Bands. In a facebook post they called themselves “Millennial dad rock”.

“Although our music has adult themes like paying bills, social anxiety, and people who go to brunch for Instagram, it’s actually still family friendly feel free to pull up ‘Citizen Badger’ on Spotify, Apple Music, or ‘YouTube’ and blast us at your next PTA meeting.”

Watch them play I’m not mad, just disappointed at Brewhouse Gallery

3. Magic City Hippies

Friday 7:15 – 8:30 at the JetBlue Stage
Miami-band plays “breezy blends of hip-hop, funk, pop, and beach-bum soul that has drawn comparisons to the likes of G Love & Special Sauce, Maroon 5.”

Magic City Hippies began as a one-man band playing for the co-ed party scene on the streets of Miami — serenading the 20-somethings with a mix of old- school hip-hop covers and breezy pop originals.

After SunFest in May Magic City Hippies will be playing Bonaroo in June.

Magic City Hippies are currently in the studio working on their next full-length album, with a slew of national dates planned for Fall and Winter.

Watch “Bull Ride”

4. Arielle

Sunday 5pm – 5:30 on the Ford Stage
I’ve got a hippie heartbeat, with an edgy rocker spirit. 🤘 I was born in the USA,🇺🇸 but the world is my home.
A few of my favourite past-times are hugging fans, cuddling animals and traveling, whilst tasting the towns tasty local kombucha. 

Some say I’m a bit of a throw-back, since I’m pretty sure in some other lifetime I was raised in the 60’s and 70’s, soaking up the tie-dye love. It reminds me of good ol’ days, where folks like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and MANY more of those greats reigned supreme. 

Ah Well! Missed that boat.  I’m trying to keep the honest essence of the era going in my own way. 

Watch “Voices in my Head

Bonus: Where’s Lizzo now?

Lizzo played early on SunFest in 2015 – last week she released her album “Cuz I love you” which rocketed to the top of iTunes charts and Esquire called “One of the best of the year“. On April 21st she rocked Cochella.

And we were lucky to see her at SunFest 2015

Lizzo Playing SunFest 2015

Get your tickets & upgrades!


Don’t forget about “The Stand” upgrades to get up close to your favorite band. You’ll have to buy an upgrade on top of your ticket. Each band is different, but grab them now. They will sell out.

Some examples are:  Keith Urban: $50, One Republic: $35, Flogging Molly: $25, Ludacris : $15

Fiesta on Flagler – A taste of West Palm Beach on the Waterfront

On Thursday, March 14th, the South End Neighborhood Association is partnering with Family Promise of North/Central Palm Beach County on a waterfront party like the City has never seen before.

This is your official invitation to Fiesta on Flagler!

We are shutting down Flagler Drive from 6:30 till 9pm for an evening of music, food and fun.

Sponsorships also available:
Tickets are $75 in advance, $100 at the door

Get your tickets right here!

We will have valet service (Sponsored by MPire Valet) and Mokes (Sponsored by Palm Beach Garage) to get people to and from their cars.

Upon entering our beautifully decorated pavilion you will be greeted with a signature cocktail (sponsored by Galley at the West Palm Hilton), and yes, we absolutely sprung for a Mariachi Band.

To satisfy your hunger we have a selection of the absolute best food West Palm Beach has to offer.

Tapeo: Spanish tapas Restaurant – small plates, steaks, seafood and paella’s. Find Tapeo at: 118 S. Clematis Street – (561) 514-0811 or on Facebook

Aioli: A casual, comfort food cafe featuring sandwiches, soups, salads and sides. Naturally Leavened Scratch Bakery, Daily Bread and Pastry Production. Find Tapeo at 7434 S Dixie Hwy (561) 366-7741 or on Facebook

Don Ramon: Our restaurant is casual and comfy, yet beautiful and classy. We have a comfortable sit down area and an awesome bar area with a flat screen TV, a couch area to chill with your friends, we can accommodate anything from large parties to a romantic dinner for two… whatever feasts your fancy! Come relax and enjoy yourself in our beautiful and friendly lounge area. Find Don Ramon at 7101 S Dixie Hwy (561) 547-8704 or on Facebook

Los Altos Jalisco: Welcome to Los Altos Jalisco, your go-to authentic Mexican restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL. When you are craving amazing Mexican cuisine including fajitas, tacos, and a full juice bar, look no further than our friendly family restaurant. As a family owned and operated restaurant, we take pride in serving the West Palm Beach area with quality Mexican food. Find Los Altos Jalisco 6611 S Dixie Hwy. (561) 855-8116 or online

Jimmychangas: Serving Authentic Mexican food fast and fun. Come try our homemade tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas and tostadas. Find Jimmychangas at 106 N. Olive Ave (561) 345-3737 or on Facebook.

Dr. Limon Cevicheria: When it comes to authentic Peruvian food, most people think of Ceviche. We thought of just that and did not stop there. We wanted to make it a fun! Find Dr Limon at 533 Clematis (561) 781-5577 or on Facebook

Banko Cantina: Banko Cantina, a Mexican restaurant and tequila bar, located at 114 S. Olive Ave. in West Palm Beach, FL. Originally home to the American National Bank, this 1921 landmark building was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1997. Find Banko Cantina at 114 S Olive Ave (561) 355-1399 or online.

Table 26: With exceptionally delicious comfort food entrées and desserts created by Executive Chef Martha Encarnación, we bring you back to the basics of Global Cuisine. This unique neighborhood eatery has a full-service bar, amazing Happy Hour offerings, and complimentary valet. Find Table 26 at 1700 S Dixie Hwy (561) 855-2660 or on Facebook

There will be cigar rolling station and a DJ to dance you into the evening.

Our Media Sponsor is: Palm Beach Social Diary

Get your tickets TODAY!

Ticket sales will benefit South End Neighborhood Association and Family Promise of North & Central Palm Beach.

The South End Neighborhood Association was formed in 2004. Our neighborhood in West Palm Beach, Florida is bounded by Southern Boulevard to the north, the Lake Worth spillway to the south, the intracoastal waterway to the east, and the FEC railway tracks to the west. There are more than 2,500 homes in the South End. Currently we have over 300 households as members and SENA is growing fast!

Family Promise is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to helping homeless families in our community regain their independence. Currently in Palm Beach County, there are nearly 2000 homeless children registered in Palm Beach County Schools. We invite you to learn more about us and perhaps endeavor to help us in our mission. All donations to Family Promise are tax deductible.

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