The West Palm Beach Green Market opens to great Social Media reviews

The West Palm Beach Green Market opens to great Social Media reviews

On Saturday, the green market opened up for it’s 2013 Winter Season. The weather was perfect, even though it got a little hot towards noon, and everyone from the Mayor, Commissioners, City Department Heads, to the vendors, and families were out to enjoy it.


Mayor Jeri Muoio opening up the Green Market (Photo by
Trinnette Morris)

Whether you’re there to buy produce, meet friends, or just walk your dog and enjoy the waterfront you will have a good time at the Green Market.

I wanted to see just how much fun everyone had at the opening of the Green Market, so I headed to Twitter & Instagram to see what people were saying. I was OVERWHELMED with the response that I saw.

After about 20 minutes of searching I found 63 tweets, pictures and instagrams sent out from the green market (not counting mine). This is not counting all the people that checked in on Foursquare or Facebook or people who shared pictures privately.

People love our waterfront and the events that the City hosts, and while we have a small contingent of people who complain on various forums (like the Palm Beach Post comments), the VAST MAJORITY of the people who actually go out to enjoy all the city has to offer loves it. And a look to see what social media is saying proves this.

Enjoy (and make sure to click through to read all 3 PAGES!!!)

Have a great week, and I hope to see you at next week’s Green Market!


Review: Jonny Bails Floatin and the Luck of the Bioluminescence

They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words, since my cell phone has a camera, and it would take a VERY long time typing 1000 words with my thumbs so  I generally prefer to stick with taking pictures.

This is why when  J Lee Glassman’s book Jonny Bails Floatin and the luck of the bio luminescence landed on my desk the very first thing I did was grab a beer, head out to the pool and then take a picture of the book.

1000 words down! Reviewing books is easier than I thought! I cracked the book open and was instantly sucked in to the weird and wonderful world of Jonny Bails Floatin, and his wild musical adventures in the Keys.

For the record, I have never been down to Key West, we’re working on it, but so far have only made it as far as the Islemorada Fish Company. I mean seriously, once you get this beautiful view why go any further?

2000 words, I’m on a roll… so I was saying, I’ve never been to Key West, but after reading the book, it confirmed that Key West was exactly how I imagined it. A delightful little town full of music, crazy residents, sex starved tourists, music, beautiful sunsets, fishing, music, Irish pubs, crazy musicians, weed, music and police who arrest people for playing music naked from balconies. Am I close? Did I mention music?

I really need to find the time to get to Key West.

In Amazon Jonny Bails Floatin is listed under Science Fiction & Fantasy / Science Fiction / Adventure, but when you take into account that it is set in Key West it should really be under Fiction / Fantastic tales from Key West. It’s an easy read that anyone who enjoys a good weekend read would enjoy.

I would write a real review, but I need to start planning my Key West trip. Buy the book & review it yourself, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Clematis Street wins multiple categories in Best of South Florida Contest

So, remember the Best of South Florida contest that we all voted for a couple months ago (you did vote, didn’t you??)? The results are in, and guess what?

We Won!

West Palm Beach Winners

Local Chain Winners
  • Off the Hookah – Best Dance Club
  • WOB – Best Beer Selection
  • Duffy’s – Best Sports Bar, Best Happy Hour
  • Blue Martini – Best Couger Den, Best Place to get Picked up, Best Place for Cocktails
  • Roccos Tacos – Best Mexican Food

We also had a lot of our great local businesses take the contested spot as the first runner up!

Here’s where we came in Second Place

  • Pistache – Best French Restaurant
  • Renegades – Best Place to get Picked Up
  • Wine Dive – Best Wine Bar
  • Norton – Best Museum
  • Sloan’s Ice Cream – Best Bathroom
  • Respectables – Best Live Music Venue.
  • Howley’s – Best Diner

For a contest that is usually skewed greatly towards our larger neighbors (specifically Ft. Lauderdale) we did FANTASTIC! Thanks to everyone who voted!

It’s great to live in a small town – Bamboozle & Soul Food Celebration on the Waterfront

It’s great to live in a small town – Bamboozle & Soul Food Celebration on the Waterfront

(Note: This was sent out via email on 9/23 – if you want to get on this list and not hear about events 2 days too late, signup here)

Happy FRIDAY everyone! The rain is done and we’re heading into another fantastic weekend. Before we get started, Saturday is going to be FUN on Clematis with Soul Food Celebration and Bamboozle. Be there.

Yesterday, I read something Sean Scott from Habatat Coffee on the 500 block wrote. I felt that it captured the essence of what makes downtown West Palm Beach such a great little urban pocket and I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

I started a coffeeshop for two reasons: I love the “feel” they often have and wanted to create that and the delicious bean that is brewed there.
What about the money? Wasn’t that a motivating factor? Not really. I knew how much coffee I would need to sell to make a living and the hours that would take, so I had a pretty good idea this wasn’t a way to pave the golden way for me. I knew it could provide me a living but would I become loaded doing it? A big probably not. But that didn’t matter because of what my goals were from day one.
I always wanted Habatat to be “the place” for all its people. I wanted them to feel a sense of security, that organic feeling of acceptance that can’t be forced. It became apparent very early on what the simple catalyst ingredient was that was needed to create the atmosphere of a place my customers could call THEIR own, not just Sean’s place. And that ingredient? Being available day in and out. Sure, serving great coffee and pouring decent latte art helped in bringing people in but why did people stay? Why did many stand around and talk with others they only got to know inside these walls? Because Habatat Coffee had a seed planted in it from day one that had this written on it:
Anyone is welcome here. You are valued more than the couple bucks a day you give us. We care about hearing your story and want to know how it is continuing each day. And so do the people around you. So stick around. Good stuff will happen. Trust me.
And my Habatat people believe it too! Are they aware of it? Maybe but probably not. Did they sign some weird Habatat cult creed? No. They believe it because they’re DOING it everyday. They’ve bought into our ethos because that’s just how we do it. And it excites me to see this common thread in our little community.
Cheesy? Maybe. But that’s the truth. That was my prayer from day one. I wanted a community to gather and grow. Not just in numbers but in depth of relationship. Try coming into Habatat and not being brought into conversation with someone. Not because I introduce you, which may or may not happen, but because other customers want to know about you. They want to know why you are there? What do you do? What’s your story? I feel like a proud dad many mornings when I look out from behind the bar and hear the din of laughter and conversation filling the room. People aren’t raving about the coffee, they’re talking about their kids, religion, inventions, school, relationships, jobs, their childhood, etc. You name it, it’s been talked about inside our walls. Is it always happy? No. Arguments happen and sometimes people leave upset. But they always come back. Why? Because Habatat is one big, ugly, quirky, fun spot. It’s often overused, but we are a family.

Alright, I’m done gushing. I love what I do. It’s a privilege. Thank you!


This Saturday it’s time for Bamboozle, a fantastically fun event to benefit Little Smiles.

Bamboozle is designed to be like a Scavenger Hunt mixed with The Amazing Race, a touch of Minute To Win It and topped off with a hint of Wipeout…Benefitting Little Smiles

Teams of four compete to earn points in the allotted time frame of 3pm – 6pm and map area which includes Clematis Street and CityPlace in Downtown West Palm Beach, FL.  Various point amounts are awarded for completing obstacles, challenges, clues, riddles and some luck.
“Tito’s Vodka After Party” at O’shea’s from 6pm – 8pm. Get your tickets here!

Upcoming EVENTS:

That’s all from me! Have a happy weekend and I’m sure I’ll see you on Clematis.

UPDATE: The Best of West Palm Beach – VOTE NOW


OK, the Nominations have been made and a LOT of our picks got in.

Clematis by Night, Sunfest, Off the Hookah, Roccos Tacos, Duffy’s, Respectable Street, World of Beer, Norton Museum, Blue Martini, Palm Beach Dramaworks, & even Sloan’s Ice Cream (for best bathroom).

Now it’s YOUR chance to get West Palm Beach on the South Florida RADAR! You can vote EVERY DAY so Vote early, Vote often!

Here are my picks!

Best Annual Event: SunFest
Best Outdoor Event: SunFest
Best Diner: Howley’s
Best Mexican Restaurant: Rocco’s Tacos
Best Barbecue Restaurant: Park Avenue Barbecue & Grille
Best Place to Take Kids: Duffy’s Sports Grill
Best Local Chain: Duffy’s Sports Grill
Best Romantic Restaurant: Dada
Restaurant with the Hottest Servers: Renegades
Best Vegetarian Restaurant: Darbster
Best French Restaurant: Pistache
Best Key Lime Pie: Old Key Lime House
Best Dance Club: Off the Hookah
Best Wine Bar: Wine Dive
Best Country Bar: Renegades
Best Ladies’ Night:  Blue Martini
Best Happy Hour: Renegades
Best Beer Selection: World of Beer
Best Live Music Venue: Respectable Street
Best Local Country Act: Amber Leigh
Best Music Festival: SunFest
Best Museum: Norton Museum of Art
Best Place to Get Picked Up: Renegades
Best Thursday Event: Clematis By Night
Best Bathrooms: Sloan’s Ice Cream
Best Theater Company: Palm Beach Dramaworks
Best Free Event: Clematis By Night

— Below is the previous article! —

So here it is, I’ve compiled all the data that I got from my request two weeks ago to list the  top spots for Clematis Street and Downtown West Palm Beach.

There are MANY different options that I could have used, and MANY of the choices that I picked fit more than one category. I tried to mix it up to get as many different places listed as possible.

Go to the Best of South Florida website before AUGUST 2nd and fill in the form using the options below (or any of your own choice!)

Best waterfront restaurant: E. R. Bradley’s
Best Italian restaurant: La Sirena
Best Cuban restaurant: Don Ramon’s
Best sushi restaurant: Kabuki
Best place for breakfast: Benny’s on the Beach (Lake Worth)
Best place for brunch: Wine Dive
Best steakhouse: Okeechobee Steakhouse
Best seafood restaurant: Key Lime House
Best restaurant for a girls’ night out: Roccos Tacos
Best diner: Howley’s
Best Greek restaurant: Souvlaki Grill
Best place to eat when you’re broke: O’Shae’s Friday Happy Hour
Best Thai restaurant: Palm Sugar
Best barbecue restaurant: PA Barbeque
Best Latin restaurant: Cabana
Best place to take kids: Mellow Mushroom
Best local chain: Duffy’s
Best Brazilian restaurant: Pampas Grille
Best food truck: Pizza Girls
Best patio/outdoor dining spot: Darbsters
Best hotel restaurant: Bistro Ten Zero One
Best late-night food: Howley’s
Best Indian restaurant: Taste of India
Best place to take your parents: Hamburger Heaven
Best pizzeria: Hot Pie Pizza
Restaurant with the hottest servers: Monroes
Best service: PDQ
Best hangover breakfast: Cafe Paris
Best vegetarian restaurant: Darbsters
Best coffee shop: Habitat Coffee Shop
Best French restaurant: Pistache
Best gastropub: Hullabaloo
Best strip club lunch buffet: Rachel’s
Best bites: Grain & Barrel
Best wings: Roxy’s Pub
Best bagels: Makeb’s
Best burger: Relish
Best fried chicken: Bay Bay’s
Best Key lime pie: Old Key Lime House
Best crabs: Riggins
Best Cuban sandwich: Havana’s
Best fish dip: Flanigans
Best desserts: Cafe Sweets Bakery


Best gay bar: HG Roosters
Best place for cocktails: Blue Martini
Best rock club: Dr. Feelgoods
Best nightclub party: Monarchy – KRASH Wednesday
Best wine bar: The Blind Monk
Best country bar: Renegades
Best ladies’ night: Wine Dive – Free Wine & Champaign for ladies from 8 till midnight
Best neighborhood bar: Oshae’s
Best happy hour: Longboards 2 – 4 – 1
Best strip club: Rachel’s
Best beer selection: World of Beer
Best brewpub: Brewzzi
Best sports bar: Sports Page Bar and Grill
Best Irish pub: O’Shae’s Pub


Best live-music venue: Respectable’s
Best local rock band: Raggy Monster
Best local punk band: Bonnie Riot
Best local pop act: Wonderama
Best local country act: Amber Leigh
Best local band: Girlfriend Material
Best music festival: Sunfest


Best art gallery: Norton Museum
Best museum: Flagler Museum
Best art event/art walk: Sunfest
Best place to get picked up: Rocco’s Tacos
Best Tuesday event: Taco Vida $2.00 tacos
Best Wednesday event: Trivia night at O’Shea’s
Best Thursday event: Clematis by Night
Best Sunday event: In the Biz Rooftop Party at Roxys
Best monthly event: Sunday on the Waterfront
Best highbrow event: Norton Museum Art after Dark
Best lowbrow event: Lake Worth Drum Circle
Best free event: Cityplace concert series
Best annual event: Fourth on Flagler
Best place to hang with your laptop:
Best hipster hangout: Grain and Barrel
Best gay crowd: The Cottage
Best place to people-watch: Cityplace
Best karaoke night: Tin Fish
Best cougar den: Leopard Lounge Bar – Chesterfield Palm Beach
Best bathrooms: Roccos Tacos (TVs playing mexican movies)
Best place to pretend you’re on vacation: Backyard bar
Best place to sweep her off her feet: Roxy’s Rooftop
Best movie theater: Muvico (Cityplace)
Best theater company: Palm Beach Dramaworks
Best artists’ group: LOT 23
Best outdoor event: Shakespeare by the Sea

Chuck Williams & Aaron Blaise to Kickstart Animated movie in West Palm Beach

TLDR; Don’t have time to read the whole story? Donate to Art Story then come to WebMonday at VentureWorx on August 5th and meet Chuck & Aaron!

One of the things that not a whole lot of people talk about is the wealth of creativity that makes its way to West Palm Beach. Whether it’s our cool art community in Pleasant City,  the unique festival that is Moonfest, Antique Row, all the galleries on Dixie and the art shows at Howley’s, we are a very creative city.

Often overlooked is that in Cityplace the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts still has a group of students studying and working on creative projects.

FSU Digital Animation School at Cityplace

FSU Digital Animation School at Cityplace

Chuck Williams is the “Filmmaker in Residence” over at FSU School in Cityplace. He’s got 24-years of experience in the animation industry, producing Brother Bear as well as having credits on  The Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Beauty and the Beast.

I met up with Chuck Williams at Howley’s a couple weeks ago to get a sneak peak of another project that he’s been working on: Art Story.

It’s a story about an 11-year-old, meticulous boy, WALT, and his crazy, loopy GRANDPA — two complete opposites — who get stuck in a vast, imaginative WORLD OF PAINTINGS.  Inside, they cross paths with a ruthless painted character determined to make it into our world.  In order to get home and stop the villain, Walt and Grandpa have to set aside their differences, work together and navigate worlds where the rules can change around every corner.

The interesting part, is that instead of going through the traditional route of getting funding, Chuck Williams and Aaron Blaise have chosen to open a Kickstarter project and raise the 350,000 they need through crowd funding.


Traditionally, when making a movie, all the creative decisions come from a small group of people. Whether or not a project gets financed is decided at the top level of the production houses, and we (the general public) never get a chance to see or influence whether a movie is made or not.

As an example of the level of interaction Chuck and Aaron are providing, take a look at this cool time lapse video that Aaron posted of him drawing the character that could eventually turn into the “Walt” character.


Pretty amazing right?

This is the fascinating thing with using Kickstarter for creative projects, we are brought in on the ground floor and get first hand view of what is going on through the creative and production phases. And even better, having this all go down in our back-yard is a great opportunity.

 Take a look at the Kickstarter project and figure out what level you want to participate in.

You can donate $1 or, if you’re into movie swag, you can pick a higher level which will get you a pile of goodies. If you’re vain (and made of money) you can pledge $7,500 and get your face in the movie (I’m talking to you, Donald Trump, I know you’re reading)! A really interesting opportunity is the “Apprentice” level, which is a 3-month course where you work with the film-makers on the movie. Great for aspiring students, or that second start on a career.

I’ve invited Chuck  and Aaron to present their Art Story Kickstarter on August 5th at our WebMonday Meetup at 6:30 at VentureWorx on Datura! Please join us, it’ll be a good time!

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