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Fox Mercer to perform at Clematis Starbucks on the 25th of March

Fox Mercer posted this to my facebook page so I thought I’d share it here.

I’m coming to Palm Beach soon for my first ever show in town, and it’s free! I’m from Oxford, England, not sure if you knew that? I’ve never had an amazing FL crowd: let’s change that! I sing about peace, love & the environment, & I’m trying to bring meaning back to music, like John Lennon did. The live show is family friendly & will make you laugh. I perform for free, & sleep in my car, so your support is appreciated! Please come & bring friends!

Fri 25th Mar, starts at 7pm – WEST PALM BEACH
Starbucks, 226 Clematis St

Plus: Sat 26th 8pm FT LAUD. @ Stork’s Bakery & Cafe (3325 S University Dr, Davie, FL), Sun 27th 7pm MIAMI @ The Bookstore in the Grove (3399 Virginia St, Coconut Grove, FL), Talla-Naples-Key West-Orlando-Daytona-Jax, & more! Check my sites (below)! Also, know any cheap, local, delicious food for a hungry Englishman far from home?

Your friend – Fox Elipsus

Jeri Muoio for Mayor

With the Mayoral election just 30 days away I’d like to take a minute to reiterate my support for Jeri Muoio for Mayor of West Palm Beach.

Most of you, readers of, my fellow twitterers & facebook friends, are locals – people with families who live, work, and play in West Palm Beach. We enjoy the cuisine of local restaurants, we meet at the Green Market and enjoy the free concerts at Clematis by Night and Sunday at the Waterfront. Our parks that we spend so much time in are maintained by the city. The fate of our neighborhoods and local businesses are determined by the decisions which are made at City Hall and the actions of people who are appointed to their positions by the Mayor.

I do not usually like to get into politics, but the changes that a new Mayor will bring affect me and my community so intensely that I feel it is my responsibility to urge everyone I interact with to engage themselves in the upcoming elections and vote for a candidate who represents them.

My candidate is Jeri Muoio.

Over the last few years, our infrastructure has been improved and our city has been beautified. Now it’s time to focus on the people and small businesses who will ultimately bring long lasting prosperity to not just downtown, but the whole West Palm Beach area.

It is my firm belief that the person to move us forward needs to be someone who understands and connects directly with the people of West Palm Beach, someone who is not indebted to a single group and someone who is not encumbered with personal business relationships which inherently conflict with the responsibilities of a Mayor.

Jeri has a clear vision for the future of West Palm Beach, which has been demonstrated through the clear and substantive answers that she gave in the last four mayoral debates. Jeri looks forward. Jeri understands how the city of West Palm Beach runs and is fully focused on what we need to do to take this city from it’s infancy as a “big little city” to a robust and flourishing city in which we the people of West Palm Beach and our local businesses will thrive.

On March 8th, please join me in voting for Jeri Muoio.

Thank you for your time,

Aaron “aGuyonClematis” Wormus

P.S. The Clematis Blogger at also posted an article detailing his support for Jeri Muoio on his excellent blog. Click here to read the entire article.

List of Tweeples going to the Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival


  1. aGuyonClematis
  2. BarbosaDaily
  3. brewkkake
  4. mmWine
  5. dcreynolds
  6. DosBeerigos
  7. mikelovesbeer
  8. ed_roberts
  9. empirevanessa
  10. brentindeed
  11. thecervezachica
  12. briansbeerthing
  13. vanessaheine
  14. sgtkirkish
  15. thewaffle
  16. enzobalc
  17. sflfoodandwine
  18. FreshBeer
  19. MugOfStArnold
  20. UnitedWeDrink
  21. bobknapik
  22. BrentIndeed

Vendors on Twitter

If you want to be added to this list please dm @aguyonclematis with your info.

Winners of PBC-Photo-Walkers South Florida Fair Picture Contest

I got this emailed to me from the PBC Photo Walkers meetup group, which I’m a member of but whose meetings I have not yet had the opportunity to attend. There are so many great pictures of the fair. Take a look.


1st 20887042 Girl in Bubble (Tammy Clarke)
2nd 20887022 Man with stuffed animal (Tammy Clarke)
3rd 20907863 Mom, daughter at Petting Zoo (Barb Paulaitis)

1st 20919319 Rooster (Greg Matthews)
2nd 20905949 Piglets (Mila Kammet)
3rd 20854136 Zebra (Susan Taylor)

1st 20855326 Double Ferris Wheel (Susan Taylor)
2nd 20907831 Half Ferris Wheel (Barb Paulaitis)
3rd 20872796 Swings (Karen Portner)

1st 20882319 Concession stands (Tammy Clarke)
2nd 20886985 Dad and girl (Susan Taylor)
3rd 20907747 Concession stand with Palm tree (Barb Paulaitis)

1st 20824321 Man in chair (Tammy Clarke)
2nd 20885504 Porch chairs (Karl W)
3rd 20868357 Postman (Jack)

ROOSTER! (Greg Matthews)

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